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“Oh dear, what nonsense I’m talking!”….Alice in Wonderland

Every country has his mother tongue. For example in Poland we have Polish language. We have also dialects and regional languages. But in all country is one national language.

The difference between them is that national language is used generally in official situations and offices. Dialects and regional languages are used in normal life day by day.

I come from that part of country where people speaks a dialect really different than our mother tongue. The region is named Silesia. People from other parts of country hardly understand what we talking about and sometimes we must translate our own words. It is like language in language- some special code clear only for one group of people.

Few years ago our government find out that many especial young people use a lot of English words in normal life. In that situation they started huge discussion about restrictions in our national language and his future. They tried to replace English words by their Polish translations. Unfortunately people didn’t agreed with them in that point of view.

In my opinion people should be more careful and more strict with their words. Sometimes men don’t think and repeat words in bad meanings and this is the reason that we have problems with communication between us.

Our language is our culture and history. If we will be more serious and strict about our mother tongue we will save our nationality for our children.

As far as we can speak in one national language we can understand each other and we can be properly comprehensible by others. We can be united and our tongue show’s who we really are.

Most people don’t realise that by using a lot of foreign words in our national language they are more funny than modern.

Nowadays young people constantly use short words (or make them short). They trying to make their own code from normal language. If they forgetting their mother tongue soon they will start forgetting their own nationality.

From that reason politician’s decision to restrict our language is right and justified. However every living language rules his own rights and you can’t forbid using a foreign words because it would be hard to execute that kind of law. People should be able to make decision their own. In conclusion every language is flexible and live by his own. In every country people speaks several languages. It is rather naturally way that they mix them and change them.

I agree with that we should do some restrictions in the way of using our mother tongue but I afraid that simply can’t be executed and effective.

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